The Northern Wey Trust is a voluntary organisation centred around the protection of the northern branch of the River Wey and its surrounding environment.

Looking After the Northern River Wey

Rivers are local amenities enjoyed by many people and when they dry up, become polluted or full of litter, residents in the area soon express concern.

Rivers therefore need friends on the spot to keep an eye on their health and raise the alert to any problems.  They suffer many threats from the human species:  from pollution, litter, over-exploitation of ground water, unsympathetic development in river corridors and water engineering.

Education of the public to understand and respect our rivers is important and at the same time can bring greater interest in enjoying them as well as the opportunity to be involved in hands-on work out-of-doors.  The more members the Northern Wey Trust has, the more we can do.

Help to care for and enjoy our local river.

Come and Join us!

The Northern Wey Trust

What We Do
  • We work with Local Businesses

    We work with local businesses located along the river

  • We work with the Local Community & Groups

    We work with the local community and volunteers, and forge links with other local interested groups and societies

  • We promote the interests of the River

    We promote the interests of the river through practical activities including river wardening, raising awareness of the natural and human history of the river, producing a newsletter, leaflets & guide books and by involvement with local planning applications

The Northern Wey Trust
Friends of the Northern River Wey
A field meeting with the Conchological Society of Great Britain and Ireland surveying water snails and freshwater mussels